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As in other parts of Alberta, comprehensive health care services are available in Fort McMurray. Health care in the Wood Buffalo region is coordinated and delivered through Alberta Health Services, Northern Region, part of the Province’s health care system.

Many health services here are free for people who are covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP). People who do not have an AHCIP card must pay for health services. As a newcomer to Alberta, you can apply for the AHCIP three months before leaving your country of origin. If you are moving to Alberta from another province or territory in Canada, you can use Alberta health services until you are eligible for health insurance in the province.

The urban area of Fort McMurray offers a variety of community health and specialist services, in addition to a hospital and two medical centres. You can access primary care quickly here, as many Fort McMurray family doctors are accepting new patients. For some speciality services, however, you may need to travel to Edmonton.

Helpful links:

Hospital: Northern Lights Regional Health Centre

Facilities in rural communities in Wood Buffalo: Community Health Centres

List of family doctors and pediatricians: Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network

Family care (immunizations, dental health, etc.): Fort McMurray Public Health Building

Ambulance (paid): Emergency Health Services