Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada


Location is crucial in choosing a new home. Before taking a decision, newcomers should get enough information on the advantages and disadvantages of Regina’s neighbourhoods.  For example, The Crescents, which is part of the Cathedral area, is one the most prestigious and desirable neighbourhood in the city. However, its low-lying areas adjacent to Wascana Creek are prone to flooding, especially in spring when snow melts.

Any place in or around North Central and the area east of downtown known as Core is not recommendable because of the high crime rates.

Home prices in Regina increased over the last few years and are expected to continue rising. A detached bungalow is about $320,500, a standard condominium costs $207,750 and a standard two-storey home is $347,500.

The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Regina is $948.