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Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, the second largest city in the province after Saskatoon and the 16th largest city in Canada.

Over the last decade not many international immigrants chose to settle in Regina. However, in the recent years investments in different sectors boosted the economy and created a significant number of new jobs. The city experiences a serious labour shortage and is becoming an attractive destination for job seekers.


Regina has humid continental climate. Winters are very cold, windy and dry. In January temperatures are between -21.6°C and -10.7°C, but sometimes they drop below -40°C.  On January 1, 1885, Regina experienced -50°C.  Wind can make winter temperatures feel even colder than they really are. Wind chill is an index that indicates how cold the weather feels to the average person. In Regina there are about 86.5 days a year with wind chill of -20°C or less, 43.2 days that it feels like -30°C or colder and 16.3 days with wind chill of -40°C or lower.
Summer temperatures are usually between 12°C and 26°C; however, they may rise to 40 °C.: The highest recorded temperature was 43.3 °C on July 5, 1937.

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Public transport

The City of Regina advises that riding public transit is a way to save money. Using the bus system costs less than $750 a year, whereas owning and driving a car can cost thousands of dollars a year. Furthermore, you can apply for the Federal Tax Credit for transit.
Public transportation is provided by Regina Transit, which operates 23 bus routes in the city.
For bus schedules click here. Commuters can also find the way to reach their destinations by using the Trip Planner.
Passengers can choose to pay cash on the bus (in that case they need to have exact coin fare), buy sets for 10 rides, day passes, and weekend/monthly passes. A convenient way to pay is the R-Card, a reloadable smart card that replaces tickets and monthly passes. The R-Card can be loaded with pre-paid rides, cash equivalent or monthly pass information. For locations where R-Cards are sold click here.


For information on obtaining Saskatchewan driver’s licence click here.
Roads in Regina are salted in winter to become safer and police patrol them even in stormy weather. Nevertheless, winter driving is challenging.  Visibility can be significantly reduced by heavy snowfalls and wind. If temperatures rise, snow melts, and if they drop again, it turns to ice. Roads become slippery and dangerous. If you slip off the road, it is safer to stay where you are and wait for help – even if this means sitting in your car for hours. The wind chill and the reduced visibility make it far more risky to leave the vehicle to look for help than to wait police or another vehicle to pass by.

Police services

The high number of break and enters, street robberies, violent assaults, mischief and car thefts make Regina one of the cities with the highest overall crime rates in Canada. On its webpage Regina Police Service gives advice on how to protect yourself, your car, home, credit cards and business and how to recognize scams.
In case of emergency (life-threatening situations and crime in progress) call 9-1-1. For non-emergency situations you can use the Citizens Online Police Reporting System.

Places of worship

Most of Regina residents are Christians. The 2006 Census revealed that 41.5 per cent of the population was protestant – United, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian and others, 32.3 per cent was Roman Catholic and 1.8 per cent was Eastern Orthodox. Only 2.9 per cent belonged to other Christian denominations and other religions (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism). 19 per cent of the population had not specific religious affiliation.
For a list of churches in Regina click here.
Regina has one of the oldest communities of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in Canada. Members gather at Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple.
The Hindu Temple in Regina is comparatively new. It opened its doors in 1990.
Sikhs can find the location of Regina Sikh Temple here.

Pre-arrival settlement and employment services in Saskatchewan

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