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Education for children in the province of Saskatchewan is free to Saskatchewan residents. Saskatoon offers a number of educational opportunities for both children and adults, with its  three different publicly-funded school systems: Saskatoon Public Schools; Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools; Conseil des écoles Fransaskoises (Francophone).

There are also a number of private schools, where attending students pay tuition.

In the Post-Secondary field, Saskatoon has two publically funded institutions for those who want to pursue education beyond a Grade 12 level: University of Saskatchewan and SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology), Kelsey Campus .

Saskatoon is also home to a number of private career colleges, specializing in such areas as office administration, massage therapy, hair styling and aesthetics, and many others.

If you are immigrating to Saskatoon, you have many classes available to help you improve your English, regardless of your current level!