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Saskatchewan is the birthplace of medicare, the publicly-funded, publicly-administered health care system in Canada. You must have a Saskatchewan Health Card to receive health care at no direct cost to you.

Saskatoon has three hospitals: Royal University Hospital; City Hospital; St. Paul’s Hospital

If you need immediate medical care – broken bone, chest pains, difficulty breathing, etc. – you can access any emergency wards; please check each hospital’s website to learn what hours the emergency wards are open.

If you need medical care, but it is not an emergency, there are a number of walk-in clinics in Saskatoon, which you can find by searching the Saskatoon Yellow pages. You do not need to have a family doctor to use a walk-in clinic.

While you are not required to have a regular family doctor, it is of great benefit to be able to consistently visit a doctor who is familiar with your and your family’s health. To find a family doctor in Saskatoon, visit the Saskatoon Health Region’s website, which provides a list of doctors who are currently accepting new patients. If you don’t have a family doctor yet, but need to see a doctor, there are a number of walk-in clinics that you can go to.

Many employers in Saskatchewan provide private health insurance to cover additional health needs not covered by the province’s health benefits, such as dental, eye care and prescription drugs. If you don’t have coverage with your employer, or you’d simply like to fill in any coverage gaps, you can purchase minsurance with an insurance provider.