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When you’re choosing a city to move to in Canada, it’s not something that you should rush into. It will take a great deal of research and careful planning to make this decision. After all, this is a decision that will have a huge impact on the rest of your life and the lives of your family. If you’re interested or planning to move to Vancouver, read on.

Vancouver is a multicultural city

Vancouver is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and boasts a large immigrant population. As many as 50% of its citizens speak another language besides English as their first language. Walking down any street in this wonderful city you will hear French, Arabic, Mandarin, Punjabi, Japanese, Korean and many more languages. People of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds have chosen to make Vancouver their new home and this diverse group all exist in harmony. Those who are Canadian born and live in Vancouver have proven time and time again that they welcome these newcomers to the city with open arms.

The outdoor lifestyle

One of the most attractive things about living in Vancouver is that you’re able to fully enjoy the outdoors. With many wide open spaces and beautiful scenery, it should not be surprising that newcomers who move to Vancouver immediately fall in love with the city. Some of the outdoor activities that can be done in and around Vancouver include hiking, whale watching, sailing, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding and much more. There is so much to do in this part of Canada all year round that you will never get bored.


Vancouver is a city that has a lot of festivals throughout the year including, The North Vancouver Carribean Festival, The Celebration of Light, The Vancouver International Film Festival, Eat! Vancouver, and many more. One of the best things about these festivals is that you are often able to join in the celebration of other cultures and also try some foods that are new to you. You will not be wanting for things to do each weekend as you settle in and explore everything that is available to you in Vancouver.


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Vancouver has great weather

Vancouver’s has one of the most pleasant climates in all of Canada. The annual average temperature in the region is 11°C, and it is similar to other coastal cities like Seattle, Amsterdam, and London. Vancouver gets its fair share of rain, but there are also beautiful sunny days to look forward to in the summer. Many people are unaware that Vancouver has some wonderful beaches and plenty of recreational activities to enjoy on the water.

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It’s safe

With close-knit communities and an extremely friendly atmosphere, Vancouver is a very safe place to live. You will be able to enjoy walking around your new home comfortable in the knowledge that you’re in a part of the world where people are accepting of everyone. It is even said that even when people come to visit Vancouver they tear up their return ticket because they love it so much!

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