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Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Looking for the perfect Vancouver neighbourhood? Trying to find a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and needs for a rental? Whether you seek a neighbourhood that is close to work or one with a strong sense of community, you have great choices.

All Vancouver neighbourhoods have a different style to match the rental you desire. Yaletown is a higher-end downtown neighbourhood, whereas Kitsilano is a trendy neighbourhood close to the water. Depending on your preferences for lifestyle and location, the rental rate can vary greatly.

1. West End Vancouver Neighbourhood (Downtown)

The West End of Vancouver (located on the west side of downtown) is a wonderful and diverse neighbourhood to live in. it is an attractive place for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals. If you seek a Vancouver neighbourhood situated close to the office while staying within the energy of the people, this is the one for you!

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2. Yaletown Neighbourhood (Downtown)

Although Yaletown may be the best place to live in terms of location, it is one of the more expensive and already occupied Vancouver neighbourhoods. Yaletown is definitely one of the trendiest neighbourhoods to live in but will cost you a pretty penny to live there.

3. Killarney Neighbourhood

According to Vancouver Magazine, Killarney is an area that still has the opportunity to find a home for families. Vancouver is exploding with people, making it hard to find a starter home for many people. This neighbourhood is ideal for young families looking to stay integrated into the Vancouver culture, and is an ideal space to start up!

4. Kitsilano Neighbourhood

Located conveniently close to Kits Beach (one of the best city beaches in the world according to a number of international travel magazines), Kitsilano is a popular area to live. Compared to other neighbourhoods, Kitsilano has a mix of outdoor recreation opportunities as well as a focus on organic foods and healthy living.

Kitsilano neighbourhood

5. Fairview Neighbourhood

Fairview is a popular area filled with a number of tourist attractions that draw attention to the neighbourhood. In particular, this Vancouver neighbourhood has Granville Island. Granville Island is a small island located in the middle of the city. Described as an urban oasis, this attraction contains plenty of restaurants, stores, cafes, and other small businesses.

6. Kerrisdale Neighbourhood

The Kerrisdale neighbourhood is an area filled mainly with residents who have been there for many years. The area is a great option for retired individuals or those looking for a slower pace of life. The neighbourhood is often recognized for its popular Kerrisdale Village (also known as “The Village”). Kerrisdale Village is a shopping area located in the center of Kerrisdale that contains some of Vancouver’s best shops.

7. Riley Park Neighbourhood, Vancouver

Many will know Riley Park because of the Olympic Centre and Nat Bailey Stadium that reside within it. This thriving area is home to various types of shops and food venues to keep anyone engaged and entertained. Of course, Riley Park consists of more than the greenspace and the attractions that make it well known. Riley Park has numerous communities that span from 16th to 41st street.

8. Marpole Neighbourhood

Close to the international airport in Richmond, the Marpole neighbourhood is a bustle of activity. Being the main gateway to the airport results in higher traffic, but aside from the busy street, it is a great Vancouver neighbourhood to consider. Marpole has a number of residential areas that are family-oriented. The availability of nightlife is less than that of busier neighbourhoods, but instead, the area has more substantial yards and homes.

9. Lynn Valley North Vancouver Neighbourhood

Being one of the northern Vancouver neighbourhoods, Lynn Valley is a popular area for those looking to be away from the busyness. According to the District of North Vancouver, the central hub of the neighbourhood is gaining momentum and will be undergoing some large transformations. Be sure to check out this neighbourhood soon, as its popularity will only increase!

10. University of British Columbia Neighbourhood

The University of British Columbia (UBC) has become one of the popular Vancouver neighbourhoods to live in. The school itself is an attractive feature to draw students and teachers to the area. Over the years, the area has become an increasingly popular place to call home. Located in the west of Vancouver, there has been an increase in residential buildings, services, and other shops built.