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The population of Winnipeg is 700,000. The highest per cent of Winnipeggers are of European descent (English, Scottish, German and others). 10,2 per cent of the population is Aboriginal, which makes Winnipeg the city with the greatest number of Aboriginal people in Canada.

After years of no population growth in the 1990s and even a net loss of 4,600 people in 1996, over the past decade there was a strong population growth and the city became home to more than 60,000 new residents. What highly contributed to this growth was the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program that attracted immigrants in record numbers. For 2010 the top five professions received in Manitoba were industrial butcher, health professional, welder, truck driver and accounting and other types of clerks. The greatest number of newcomers came from the Philippines and Winnipeg became the city with the highest Filipino population percentage among municipalities in Canada. There is a significant number of immigrants from India and China as well.