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Your monthly budget and expenses will vary depending on your lifestyle and the province you choose to live in. Keep in mind that rent and food costs vary widely across Canada. Even within one city, rent varies greatly from one neighborhood to another. The following is a suggested budget for a family of four: Expenses Accommodation rental (two bedroom) $900 Heating (if extra) $75 Electricity $65 Laundry $35 Basic telephone $40 Medical insurance (in some provinces) $100 Television $40 Transportation (bus passes) $100 Entertainment $200 Food $600 Miscellaneous $200 Total: $2,355

If you eat out regularly, then expect to pay more than if you eat at home.  Here are some typical prices you can expect to pay:

Fast foods: $5- $8 per person (per dish or for a combo meal of burger, fries and drink, for example)

Restaurant: $10 – $20 per person (depending on food and restaurant)

Groceries: $200 -$300 per month for a single person (depending on the individual needs)

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