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One of the first people you will meet at your point of arrival in Canada will be a friendly Canada
customs agent. You will be required to produce the list of goods you are importing along with your
landing certificates. The list will be divided into goods you are carrying with you and goods to follow by
freight or mail. As this will be your only opportunity to import goods duty-free, it is important that your
list is thorough and includes details such as brand names and serial numbers.
The other officials you will meet upon arrival at the airport will be from Immigration Services. You will
need to produce your passport and visa papers. After the officials look at your papers, you will be given
one copy. Remember to make at least five photocopies of your visa papers, as they will come in handy
on many occasions over the next few months, such as when you open a Canadian bank account. You will
be given a form for a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), which is proof that you are a legal resident of
Canada. After you have submitted your form, the card will be mailed out to you.
Immigration authorities at your point of arrival will give you application forms for a variety of documents
that you will need, such as a Social Insurance Number card, application forms for a driver’s licence, for
a health care card and for a child tax credit, which will be explained later.

This is covered in more detail in Chapter 3 of the ‘Know Before You Go’ workbook.

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