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Don’t underestimate the severity of the Canadian winters. In some places such as Winnipeg and Ottawa, it is not uncommon to suffer –30 Celsius temperatures.

If you aren’t used to the cold, you may want to consider thermal underwear.
You will need warm clothing such as insulated, waterproof boots; an overcoat; a scarf; a hat that will cover your ears; and gloves or mittens.

What you wear is really important to fight the long Canadian winters. Here are some essentials:

  • Clothing should be wind-proof and water-proof covering the pulse points.
  • Feet should be kept dry and warm with wool socks, insoles and water-proof shoes or boots.
  • Hands should be covered by wearing mittens or gloves.
  • Head should be protected by covering up ears and the forehead.
  • Neck area must be covered with a scarf or turtleneck sweaters.
  • Undershirt should be tucked in.
  • Layers are more important than wearing tight clothing as air layers in between clothes serve as insulators and preserve heat inside the body.
  • Jackets/coats should include high collar or hood, cuffs that close around hands, pockets to slip hands into, waist cinch, wind-proof, should be large enough to accommodate a sweater and must be long, nearly to the knees. Lining is important and some jackets have detachable lining which can be separated and used as a lighter jacket, a good multipurpose solution.
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