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How to find a Real Estate Agent?

Prepare for Canada and Souqh are pleased to be working together to help newcomers connect with real estate agents who can assist in finding the rental property that’s right for them. 

Our shared goal is to help newcomers find affordable, safe and flexible housing solutions. Prepare for Canada has been helping newcomers make connections that simplify the immigration journey for over 12 years. Souqh is Canada’s real estate and home services marketplace. Together we’re on a mission to help newcomers enter the rental market faster and easier than ever before!  

(Currently, this service is only available in Ontario. Stay tuned as we expand to other markets across the country.)

Why Use Our Real Estate Agent Matching Service? 

Real Estate agents sourced through Souqh are licensed professionals who:

  • know the market and have access to all listings, and can quickly sift through them
  • understand the types of housing (apartment, condo, duplex, etc.) that will work for you
  • understand the neighbourhoods that best suit your needs (schools, transportation, etc.)
  • have longstanding relationships with landlords
  • can more easily get you multiple viewings of the rentals in your price range, thus speeding up your search and the rental process
  • save you precious time as you begin your new life (and new job) in Canada

How Our Matching Service Works

Join the Community

Create your free account and member profile on Souqh. This takes less than 60 seconds to complete. You’ll have to consent to hear from our partner Souqh at this stage.

put Souqh to work

Put Souqh to Work

Simply post your request on Souqh by clicking the “Post Rental Request” feature, and their platform automatically matches your rental request to licensed Realtors who fit your needs.

Communicate with Responding Real Estate Agents

Once your request has been posted, a service request will be created under the Service Providers ‘Requests’ tab on your Souqh profile. You will be able to start communicating with realtors who have accepted your request by messaging them on Souqh.

communicate with Realtors

Welcome Home!

Once you have finalized the decision on which Realtor you want to work with, you can schedule calls, sign documents and keep everything organized – all in one place. From hereon in we are no longer involved and you’re on your way to using a real estate agent to find your first rental property in Canada!

Create your account and member profile


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