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Get the tools to find your dream job!


Get the tools to find your dream job!








Access Expertise & Insights

Access experts from industry, associations, and government services to help you understand key issues in your occupation, learn about the job market, and focus your job search efforts.

Join our webinars to help you achieve your career goals in Canada.

Webinar, Canadian Job Market During COVID-19

What You Need to Know about the Canadian Job Market

Whether you’re arriving soon, or have delayed your arrival, you need to prepare yourself for a changing labour market in Canada. Attend this webinar to understand the job market, how to join Canada’s workforce, and effective job search strategies.

Jobs in Ontario

Jobs in Ontario: Prepare to Work in Skilled Trades, Engineering, and Construction

Join this informative webinar and learn what you require to work in skilled trades, engineering, and construction in Ontario. Build ON will help you understand the certification process and provide an overview of the services they provide to help you work in Ontario.

How to Ace Your Online Interview

How to Ace Your Online Interview

Many companies will conduct online interviews for ease, convenience, and safety in light of COVID-19. To ensure your success, you need to know how to present yourself in a virtual environment. Learn tips and techniques to achieve a positive online experience and outcome.

Construction jobs in Canada

Construction Jobs in Canada: BCCA-IN has the Information You Need

The British Columbia Construction Association-Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) program helps newcomers with a construction background to enter the Canadian workforce. With connections to construction associations and employers across Canada, BCCA-IN can help you create your career path.

Beating employer bias to build your career in Canada

Beating Employer Bias to Build Your Career in Canada

In this webinar, you’ll learn about common obstacles such as selection bias that newcomers face when applying for jobs in Canada. Find out how to overcome barriers, be confident in job interviews, and build your career in Canada.


Learn about Government Training Programs

Find out about free government programs that provide profession-specific training and open doors to career options in Canada. Learn which programs offer pre-arrival services that can help you build your professional network even before you arrive in Canada.

Register with us to learn more about these programs.

Training Programs


Find Out What You Require To Work

Hear from professional associations and other service providers about what you require to work in Canada. Learn how associations can help you accelerate your job search efforts and achieve your professional goals in Canada.

Next Stop Rizza


Next Stop Canada Helps You Succeed

Next Stop Rizza


Architecture and Licensing Tips for Newcomers

Next Stop Rizza


Engineering and Licensing Tips for Newcomers

Next Stop Rizza


Skilled Trades and Licensing Tips for Newcomers

Pre Arrival Canada

Pre Arrival Canada is for newcomers preparing to move to Canada. One registration offers you a wide range of pre-arrival programs. 

All programs on this portal are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Research Your Profession in Canada

Career Pathways provides you with a comprehensive guide to working in Canada in more than 20 key professions.  Start your research with this 6-step guide and gain tools and resources to achieve professional success in Canada.    Register with us to learn more about these programs.  

Teaching Cover
Engineering Cover
Construction E-Book
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Get Helpful Tools

Our tools will help you to clarify your career goals and create a plan to find your dream job. These tools will provide you with long term career benefits in Canada.

Free Personality Assessment

Drake P3® Assessment

This personality assessment gives you critical insight into your personality preferences and strengths. You can use the assessment results to clarify your career goals, update your resume, and create a career plan that speaks to your strengths.



Canadian Style Resume Templates

Your resume is an important tool that hiring managers and recruiters will use to decide if they will interview you. To grab their attention you need to tailor your resume for the Canadian environment. Our Canadian style resume templates will help you to prepare a resume that includes the right information and gets you noticed!

Browse Jobs

It’s important to understand the skills, knowledge, experience, and education required for jobs that you’re interested in. You can use our job board to research jobs in Canada to see if you have the required skills.

12 Tips To Get The Most Of Linkedin

Building relationships and creating a professional network is vital to your successful job search. Even before you arrive in Canada you can use Linkedin to connect with individuals, employers, associations, and many other professional groups. Find out how you can maximize Linkedin to accelerate your job search.


Our tools and resources will help you prepare to work in Canada.


Be Informed About Job Search and Industry Information

Get the information you need to resume your career in Canada. From job search strategies to understanding the Canadian workplace culture, you’ll get a clear picture of working in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move from one province to another to pursue Employment?
You can work anywhere in Canada. You should of course, do you research on the city and Province that has the most demand for your skills. If you are coming to Canada under the Provincial Nominee program, I would suggest you go to the website of the Province you applied to as there are new rules about being sponsored by a Province and living in another.
What is the best way to search and apply for a job and when do I begin?
Most immigrants start unpacking laptops within hours of landing and send out resumes blindly! Do not do that! Now if you have gone to the settlement agency they will help you with your resume, the job finding process, as well as interview techniques. These services are all free for you and you should take advantage of it.
What can I do in advance to prepare myself for a job interview in Canada?
Skilled immigrants are let into Canada on the basis of their technical skills, and often focus on improving these technical skills after landing to help them get a job in Canada. In Canada, most employers put a great deal of emphasis on soft skills.  Improving these skills will help enormously with your next job interview.

The job interview process in Canada is, in fact, mostly about determining these soft skills. The employer has already determined you have the necessary technical skills to land the interview. The remainder of the process is about determining whether you will be a good fit for the organization.

There is a lot of information on this on the internet. Do some research and start brushing up and reading on these soft skills.


We want to help you. We’ll keep you up to date with information about the Canadian job market and how to find your dream job.