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(NC) – Keeping your kids from getting sick all winter long can often seem like a losing battle. Bundling them up in the morning does not guarantee they will stay warm and dry through a snowball fight; and one sick classmate usually means a classroom full of sniffling, coughing students. However, there are some simple things you can do to help your little ones stay healthy this winter.

Getting adequate sleep is imperative for a child’s health. A rejuvenating sleep can go a long way towards replenishing the body’s resources and aiding a child’s metabolism, immune system, and cognitive functions. If you are beginning to sense a sniffle or a cough, giving your child a warm and delicious cup of lemon water and honey before bed will soothe these symptoms, helping them have a more restful sleep.

A good winter diet is equally important to keep your children healthy and happy. Getting your kids involved with meal preparation and grocery shopping will make them excited to eat the food they’ve helped prepare and choose. Bringing fun into a meal will encourage them to eat healthier food.

“Choosing organic produce does not have to become a financial burden on the family especially with proper planning and preparation,” says Helen Sherrard, president of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). “Try buying in bulk, or purchasing produce when it’s in season and freezing it to have during the winter months. Another option is to shop at your local natural health retailer as these stores often offer a wide selection of specialty organic products.”

Finally, to supplement a healthy diet and sleep regime, consider giving one of these natural health products to your child: vitamin D, probiotics, omega 3’s, or a multivitamin. Combined, these supplements will boost your child’s immune system, support cognitive functioning and development, and help to balance their digestive tract. Look for any of these in child-friendly formats like gummies or liquids that can be snuck into any of their favourite juices. However, remember it is always important to talk to your health care practitioner to make sure any additional supplements are right for your child.

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