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MOSAIC specializes in employment services. We work with a broad range of employers in sectors including Health, IT, Finance, Business, Administration, Retail, Hospitality, Trades and Skills and more. Our strong association with employers provides benefits to clients in areas such as mentorships, networking and job opportunities.

We also provide help in assessing how clients’ skills, education and training can be applied to the Canadian job market and can assist in re-training or obtaining certification as necessary to help find employment.

For newcomers to Canada, MOSAIC’s programs are diversified and available at multiple locations.  One program that has a very high success rate is:

Skills Connect for Immigrants Program

Eighty percent of the participants who completed this program have found satisfying jobs.  Will you be MOSAIC’s next success story?

Employers and communities in B.C. are looking for workers in many different areas. MOSAIC works with its clients to get them the job that fits them the best.

The Skills Connect for Immigrants Program is open to all unemployed or underemployed recent immigrants who have at least intermediate English language skills. It doesn’t matter if they have a PHD or some Secondary School education, Skills Connect can help with services that are tailored to meet their specific needs.

Who is eligible?

Immigrants can join the program if they:

▪    have been in Canada for 5 years or less

▪    are unemployed or underemployed

▪    have an intermediate to advanced level of English language proficiency

Eligible immigrants will:

▪    have their skills, qualifications and experiences assessed

▪    get individualized career counselling and career planning services

▪    get financial support for skills upgrading such as courses, licensing and certification fees

▪    improve their language skills and job search skills

▪    get hands-on workplace experience through mentoring and other innovative approaches

Client story

Alena arrived in Canada with 20 years of experience in Psychiatry and was accepted into the Program in February 2008. She heard about the program through an advertisement in an employment newspaper. Alena reports that the biggest challenge to finding employment was a lack of Canadian experience and Canadian certification. She said that she was helped by employment counsellor, a workshop on interview skills, financial support for credential evaluation, and an English proficiency test. Alena found her current job through a posting advertised on the Internet and is currently working full-time as an Addictions Counsellor. Alena expresses that she is “very satisfied” with her job, and that her work in individual and group therapy with clients is exactly what she did in her home country. Alena continues to work towards her final career goal of having her qualifications in psychiatry recognized in Canada.

WorkBC – Vancouver Northeast Employment Services Centre

MOSAIC’s expertise in helping newcomers to find work in Metro Vancouver led to the British Columbia Government  awarding a contract to MOSAIC to operate a WorkBC office in Vancouver.. This employment centre provides employment assistance and online services to all job seekers in the Northeast part of Vancouver who are eligible to work in BC, including Permanent Residents and those with a valid work permit, who are unemployed or working fewer than 20 hours.   MOSAIC operates the WorkBC Employment Services Centre at Commercial and Broadway in Vancouver and has staff in several WorkBC Centres throughout Metro Vancouver.

At MOSAIC’s Centre, you can use computers and the internet, get coaching from an employment counselor, attend workshops, apply for financial support for training, access Job Start and Job Search financial supports, and be introduced to employers.

MOSAIC is the only immigrant-serving organization to lead a WorkBC Centre.

Workplace Connections

If you want to get connected to a professional in your field and gather insider information on your profession and/or sector, Workplace Connections is the program for you.  Through Workplace Connections, internationally-educated immigrants are mentored by Canadians in the same field.  The Program includes one-on-one mentoring, networking and workshops with experts to learn more about working in your field in Canada.

Employment workshops

MOSAIC offers a variety of workshops to help immigrants and other members of the community find a job, including:

▪    Résumé writing for BC employers

▪    Interview coaching, skills and tips

▪    Job search strategies

▪    Using the internet and email

▪    Understanding labour market and employer expectations

▪    Communication and interpersonal skills in the workplace

▪    Working in Canada – Opportunities and barriers

▪    Career and occupational choices for newcomers

▪    BC Employment Standards and Human Rights

▪    Employer expectations in the Canadian workplace

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