Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

Language training for newcomers

Language training for newcomers to Canada

Provided by Humber Collegethis Occupation Specific language training program (OSLT) is aimed at helping newcomers to Canada just like you develop better communication skills for the Canadian workplace in your specific field. You may find that other language training programs for newcomers are useful but only an OSLT will give you the English skills that you need to succeed in your chosen profession.


By taking part in the Occupation Specific Language program offered by Humber College you will also learn about Canadian social and cultural expectations in the Project Management and Technology industries.


Learn more about the many bridging programs provided at Humber College


.NET Developer Bridging Program
This is a tremendously successful program with 98% of graduates securing jobs in their field within six months of graduating from this program. It is a 24-week bridging program for internationally trained computer programmers. This program is designed to provide participants with the advanced concepts, skills, and knowledge required to work as .NET Solution Developers.


Mobile Systems Integration Bridging Program
This bridging program is for internationally trained immigrants with education and experience in information technology, computer science or engineering (computer, electronics or electrical). Over 15 weeks, you will learn advanced concepts and gain skills in computer networking, information security, installation and configuration of servers in a virtualized environment with an emphasis on operating systems. Graduates from this program are now working as Systems Analysts, IT/Network Administrators, Network Analysts, and more.


Engineering Software Skills Enhancement Bridging Program
This is a 15-week bridging program for internationally educated mechanical, electrical or civil engineers and architecture professionals with training in the latest technical and software skills in demand by Ontario employers. More than 85% of program graduates have secured jobs such as Engineers in Training (EIT), Project Managers, Structural Engineers, Estimators, and Design Engineers within six months of graduation.
There is more to the success of these Bridging Programs than their impressive statistics. In a short time, they can enable you to integrate into the country, and most importantly, into a meaningful job.



“I arrived in Canada recently and my main aim was to enter my industry of choice. This program was great to understand Canadian environment. It was also great to go ahead with job search and the mock interview is the best practice. The program encourages us to give presentations and improve our communication skills. I really recommend the program to my colleagues and any newcomers.”

– Muhammad Kazmi
The Occupation Specific Language program offered by Humber College can help you:

  • Develop strong interviewing, networking and career-building communication skills
  • Understand and function effectively in the Technology and Project Management workplaces
  • Interact effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and clients
  • Competently give and receive information by email and telephone
  • Position yourself to get a job, through career assistance and job connections
  • Increase your language proficiency for seeking admission into Bridging ProgramsThis language course is taught in a number of formats, including face-to-face classroom instruction and a combination of online learning and classroom instruction.Humber College also provides a variety of job-search and career-planning workshops, mentoring programs and networking opportunities.Where can I find an OSLT program?
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