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Plan ahead for your Canadian career

After immigrants land in Canada, they are often surprised by how many barriers they face in getting hired. That surprise comes in part because they were approved to come to Canada based on their education and professional experience — and in industries that are said to be in need of more workers.

Despite an overall Canadian government policy that encourages immigrants in specific fields and professions to come, individual Canadian employers or industries are often risk averse to the unknown. After landing, immigrants who can’t seem to find a job in their field are often given the excuse that they have “No Canadian experience.” And many immigrants then turn to survival jobs like taxi driving or flipping burgers just to support their families.

As you are intending to come to Canada, we have prepared a Pre-Arrival Checklist of valuable information that will make arriving in Canada as smooth a process as possible.
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You might think that this won’t happen to you; but the only way to ensure you won’t have the door to good opportunities closed in your face is by planning ahead, before you ever step on a plane. You need to prepare yourself with the realities of the Canadian labour market.