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One of the latest programs funded by Immigrant, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the Settlement Online Pre-Arrival Program (SOPA), which is delivered by MOSAIC to help immigrants get a head start on job search strategies and how to communicate professionally in a Canadian context.  The program offers five free online courses for eligible people who are planning to work in Canada and have not yet left their home country.

This program and others like it can provide newcomers to Canada with exactly what they need in terms of information, useful resources and most of all, peace of mind.  Checking off important steps in the immigration journey is much easier with a guide.  The most crucial being the ability to find a job in Canada.


SOPA Success Stories


Farhang, English Teacher from Iran

“Moving to a new country is a very stressful process as you need to do a lot of research gathering essential information and resources in order to make this transition as smooth as possible. As much as I was happy about moving to Canada, I had loads of questions and worries. But I was lucky because I had MOSAIC and SOPA helped me prepare for the big step forward. I registered for the free online courses and they were worth every minute I spent on them. The Job Search Strategies course was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Canadian job market and its requirements. The course is really intriguing as you get different forms of information in different forms of media. While I was taking this interactive course, I had to do assignments and quizzes which were professionally and immediately assessed, commented upon and improved by our very supportive facilitator, Ms. Soraya Etminan, whose feedback helped me significantly in preparing for moving to Canada. The knowledge and skills I learned from SOPA helped me to successfully get my first Canadian experience only two weeks after I arrived in Canada, and I strongly recommend SOPA to anyone who is planning to come to Canada.”



Yauheni Kazinets, Interpreter and Automobile Appraiser from Belarus

“This is the best course to take before coming to Canada! I got my first job in Canada a month after arriving. I would strongly recommend this course to all new immigrants. My facilitator Soraya Etminan really helped me overcome my invisible psychological barriers and corrected my mistakes. She showed me different approaches to finding a job, which made me more confident about my future job search process. After I arrived, I went to a job fair, had an interview, and got my first job in Canada. Do not waste time. Take a course and get a job! You will learn: -How to write a Canadian style targeted resume and cover letter, which will save your time and money -About the Canadian job market -How to prepare for an interview -How to market yourself -How to find new working opportunities I do hope new immigrants take the course to feel more confident about their bright future.”






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Red, Java Developer from the Philippines

“I took the Working in Canada course because I was applying for jobs while I was in the Philippines. The timing was perfect because when I arrived in B.C., I had a few interviews and I learned how to negotiate a job contract in Canada through the course! I received a job offer within a few weeks of landing.”







Do you want to achieve the same success as these newcomers to Canada? Is so click here to learn more about the SOPA program.