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Working your way to success in Canada

Despite all the barriers Canadian immigrants face in the labour market, there are many success strategies one can employ to get around them.

From volunteering, mentorship and networking, to job shadowing and informational interviews, there are ways to get your foot into the door!

Top ten tips for immigrant job seeker

  1. DO NOT use unprofessional email accounts like [email protected] or [email protected] Get an account that is just your name and nothing more. If your name is taken, be creative mine is [email protected]
  2. DO NOT send emails with just your resume attached. A cover letter is your best chance at selling yourself by matching your skills to the job requirements.
  3. DO create a LinkedIn profile that can have more details on you. Try to get recommendations from previous employers.
  4. DO Research the company online and not just by looking at their website. Check on LinkedIn to see the connections you may have.
  5. DO NOT be late! If necessary, visit the location the day before to familiarize yourself with transit services or parking spaces.
  6. DO NOT smoke just before your interview. Walking in with a strong smell of stale cigarette smoke is a turnoff for all non-smokers (and this group is growing in Canada!) The same applies to perfumes and after shaves. Many people in Canada have allergies to these.
  7. DO be particularly careful about personal hygiene both in front of the interviewer and in the reception room. Top turnoffs: picking nose, trying to dig out food from your teeth etc.
  8. DO be tidily and conservatively dressed. Check your shoes are not dirty or scuffed. Also check fingernails for dirt under them.
  9. When you meet the interviewer(s), make it a point to look them in the eyes, moving from one person to another in a clean sweep.
  10. Answer questions to the point asking for clarification so that the interviewer knows you are alert and listening. Try not to interrupt and wait before answering. At the end be sure to ask them when you could expect a decision and express your interest in working with them!