Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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Just Arrived in Canada? Things you need to know.

Here are some free resources to help you with starting your new life in Canada.

Living In Canada

What are your rights as a renter

Manoj just got off the phone with a friend who already lives in Canada and who was sharing his experience as a renter.  Sensing the end of the call Shalini asked, “So how do they like renting?” Manoj casually replied, “Well, they’ve had a good experience. Their...

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First year in Canada, first day at school

Preparing your child for the Canadian classroom In Canada, September is synonymous with back to school. Though it’s technically still summer, this month is all about back-to-school shopping, getting ready and adjusting to a new school year. Parents become heavily...

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Manage Your Finances

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is one of the first things any newcomer should do. You will need it to have easy access to your money and to pay for various goods and services; also, most employers prefer to deposit salaries in chequing accounts. Accessing funds at banks from...

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My first home

Buying your first home It is indeed a most exciting moment when you can finally buy your first home in Canada. You want to make sure you think every step through and plan for every expense, because there is so much more involved in this process than simply coming up...

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Employment In Canada

Gavin’s success story

Gavin’s first visit to Canada decided his future. He fell in love with the country and its promise of possibility. He was determined to plant roots, personally and professionally, and grow here, succeed here. “I wanted to find a career, anything that would allow me to...

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8 steps to small business success

any newcomers to Canada discover that finding a job in Canada after arrival is a real challenge. An option for some is to start their own business. This can be a great alternative to going through extensive interview processes and making sure that you have a Canadian Style Resume.

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What is an alternative career?

Many newcomers to Canada will find that there are many roadblocks along the way to continuing to work in their chosen field. It could be that you have to get your international qualifications and certifications assessed or that you simply need some Canadian experience under your belt before you can enter your profession in Canada.

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Franchising For New Canadians

Thinking about franchising in Canada?

Are you a new Canadian exploring franchising as a business opportunity? To help you get started, our Franchising for New Canadians program can help you by providing important information and resources about franchising in Canada. Our free resources, and access to leading experts in the franchise industry can help you make an informed decision about franchising. Learn about franchising basics and how we can help you.

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Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home in Canada

If you’re buying your first home in Canada, you’ll likely need a mortgage to finance this very important and large purchase. When the Laghari family immigrated to Canada from India in 2016 they landed in Toronto. As many immigrants do when they first arrive, they...

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Finding the right home

There’s no one “right way” to go about finding a home. But here are a few tips that may make the process a little easier and remove some of the anxiety associated with making what is, for most people, their largest single purchase in life.

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