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Build credit with your rent

Monitor your credit score for free and report your monthly rent to Equifax Canada to build Canadian credit history for $8/month

Build Your Canadian Credit with Your Rent

Why wait to build credit when you can start now? Report your rent payments and establish your credit history for just $8 per month.

Unlock Financial Opportunities

A stronger credit history lets you access better credit products at more favourable rates. You can also show a future landlord you’ve made past rent payments on time.

Seamless Setup, No Surprises

Borrowell Rent Advantagetm lets you report your rent payments to Equifax Canada without landlord involvement. You can cancel anytime and without additional fees. 

Don’t delay, start building your Canadian credit today.


Track Your Credit Score as Part of Your Canadian Journey 

Building your credit will help you access more financial products in Canada. A higher credit score can improve the likelihood of approval for credit cards, loans and mortgages and at better rates. 

Monitor your credit score for free with Borrowell. Join over 3 million Canadians who use Borrowell to monitor their credit reports. 

Sign up takes 3 minutes and checking your credit score with Borrowell won’t hurt your score. 

Key Points for Newcomers: Get information on factors that impact your credit score and personalized tips on actions that may help improve your credit.

Start Building Credit: As a newcomer, it’s crucial to build a credit history. Borrowell provides the insights and guidance you need to establish your financial track record.

No Risk to Your Score: Rest assured, checking your credit through Borrowell won’t negatively impact your credit score.

Why Choose Borrowell

Trusted by Millions: Join a community of over three million Canadians who rely on Borrowell’s expertise.

Learn About Credit: Borrowell provides education on the factors that influence credit scores and personalized credit tips.

Ready to Secure Your Financial Future?

It’s time to embark on your financial journey in Canada with confidence. Sign up with Borrowell to monitor and build your credit today.

Get your free credit score with Borrowell 

About Borrowell

Borrowell is a Canadian company with a single goal in mind: to make financial prosperity possible for everyone. By providing access to credit education, innovative digital tools and personalized experiences, we strive to help all Canadians feel in control and optimistic about their future.

This is why we were the first in Canada to offer free credit scores and reports from our partner, Equifax, Canada’s largest credit bureau.

Over 3 million Canadians have joined Borrowell and trust us to help them make great decisions about credit and achieve their financial goals.

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