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Settling in Canada

Living in Canada is a huge feat! Our free ebooks on cities and webinars cover tips on settling in your new province, cost of living, education, bridging programs and home buying.

Job Finding Steps

Get ready to get a job! Find out more about opportunities that exist for your background and skill set. Get expert advice and tips on job hunting, soft skills, interpersonal, communication, and professional etiquette skills.

Banking and Finance

Manage your finances today for a great tomorrow! Information to get financially established as quickly as possible. Learn how to get a head start on building credit history and even opening your Canadian bank account before you arrive!

Take advantage of our free services. Feel informed, prepared, and confident before you arrive.

Who should register for our program?

If you have applied to come to Canada or have landed already, our Settling In Canada resources are for you.

Our program is available for anyone who has any of the following documents:

Confirmation of Permanent residence.
Canadian Visa pick up letter.
Request for medical examination letter.
Passport request letter.
Canadian visa.
IRCC invitation letter to obtain pre-arrival services.
Invitation to apply for permanent residence.
Unique Client Identifier.


Know before you go!

Statistically, newcomers who prepare for Canada hit the ground running and get hired faster!

At Prepare for Canada, get details on obtaining important documents, labour market information specific to your field, choosing a city, getting critical information on regulated professions and hearing first hand from experts on getting a job in Canada


WELCOME TO CANADA! We’re here to help.

At Prepare for Canada, you will find a lot of information that is geared towards your first few days as well as some unique products that many newcomers like you have asked us for! Stay tuned and keep in touch.


Our eBooks are unique and created for you!

22 eBooks covering the top regulated and unregulated professions across Canada.
26 eBooks on the different cities in Canada.
Plus eBooks on Soft skills, LinkedIn for newcomers, the Know Before You Go eBook and our checklists!

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Established Over 10 Years

We have been doing this for a long time. And we are always thrilled to get feedback from successful newcomers like:

Over 1.2 million subscribers since 2010

The “Prepare for Canada” program has helped thousands of prospective immigrants to prepare for success in Canada by delivering quality information focusing on job preparedness and settlement first steps.

Proven Track Record

Based on a survey conducted in 2017

  • 67% of our audience were employed within the first year
  • Over 50% employed in their field!
Prepare for Canada gave me a broader perspective for my initial settlement here in Canada but also opened the door for my employment opportunity. My overall experience with them is excellent


We are so excited and Prepare for Canada has been very helpful with a lot of information on settling in Canada. There’s fear of course moving to a country but I feel prepared now with all the information that has come my way through Prepare for Canada and other research I have done on my own.

J. Ajala

Essential Webinars For Newcomers to Canada

Join our series of essential webinars for newcomers to Canada: Know Before You Go, Settlement Information, Banking Information, Job Search Strategies and Techniques, Renting Your First Home in Canada and More. Registration is completely free.

Choosing A City

Looking for the perfect place to live? Trying to find a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and needs for a rental? Our Choosing A City section will provide you with information on living, society, education, economy, medical and much more. Click on the map to explore Canada’s provinces and cities.

With so many questions newcomers have, we will update this weekly giving you a quick glance of the FAQs.

Q: How do I get my PR Card, Health Card after landing in Canada? Is it easy to apply for government health coverage, how long does it take to get the health card?

When you land you will be given an envelope containing the forms you need to fill for your PR Card – i.e. the Permanent Resident card as well as your Health coverage card. Again, health services are provided individually by the Provinces and each Province has different rules… read more

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