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Welder working outdoors on a construction site with cranes and building towers in the background

If you are alright with having to move frequently for your career, welding might be the right career for you. Welder jobs in Canada offer excellent wages, many opportunities to grow and great job satisfaction. Welder jobs are appealing to many because you don’t need to go to university. Welding is one of the only few careers that allow you to earn a lucrative salary without attending university. This also makes it an excellent option for newcomers looking to start an entirely new career in Canada.

Why Are Welder Jobs in Demand?

Since Canada has a huge manufacturing industry, welders will always be in demand. This is because of how important they are to the manufacturing process. In the near future, however, the demand for welders is expected to increase even more. This is because currently, the average age of welders in Canada is 55. As many of these welders retire, welder jobs all across Canada will start to open up.

Furthermore, Canadian high schools don’t put too much emphasis on skilled trades jobs such as welding. Because of this, there will not be many young welders to fill the jobs that open up. As a result, there will be an abundance of welder jobs in Canada in the years to come. Welding is a great career to get into because of all the opportunities that will be available.

How Much Do Welders Earn in Canada?

The median pay for welder jobs in Canada is about $25.50 an hour or $49,062 annually. Experienced welders who have been in the field for a while can make up to $41.40 an hour or $79,076 annually. The starting salary for welder jobs in Canada is $18 per hour, which amounts to about $34,632 per year. While this might not seem like much, there are other things you should consider. For example, many welders are self-employed or partake in small welder jobs on the side. That can increase their income, sometimes even into the 6-figures range.

It is important to note that the salaries for welders in big cities are generally lesser than those in rural areas. If you are alright with living in rural areas and would like to earn a bigger income as a welder, it is worth exploring jobs outside of big cities. To get a better idea of how much welder jobs pay in Canada, click here.

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Now, let’s explore some cities that offer the best opportunities for welders to start their careers in Canada.

Windsor, Ontario

Located less than 400 km south of Toronto, Windsor is Canada’s southernmost city. The city is commonly regarded as the automotive capital of Canada. Detroit, USA, which is right across the border from Windsor, is the automotive capital of North America. As a result, the economy of Windsor is based chiefly on manufacturing car parts. This, of course, is great for welders because the manufacturing process for cars requires a lot of welding. It is safe to say that the Windsor-Essex region is a great place for welders to start their careers in Canada.

How Much Do Welder Jobs Pay in Windsor-Essex?

The median hourly rate that welder jobs pay in the Windsor-Essex region is $22 per hour. This roughly amounts to $42,328 per year. Welders that are new to Canada’s workforce generally receive a little lesser, starting at $18 an hour or $34,632 annually. Senior welders that have more experience can make up to $45 an hour or an annual salary of $86,580.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is often called the “Oil Capital of Canada”, and for good reason. Oil and gas have been one of the main driving factors that lead to Edmonton’s economic success. Today, Edmonton’s industrial sector is known for manufacturing machinery used in the oil and gas, agriculture, and construction industries. Unsurprisingly, all of these industries have a high demand for welders. Like the rest of Canada, many current welders in the workforce expect to retire soon. That will open up many opportunities for newcomers to start a welding career in Edmonton.

How Much Do Welder Jobs Pay in Edmonton?

Welder Jobs in Edmonton pay a median hourly rate of $36. That is the same as an annual salary of $69,264. Welders on the lower end can expect to make $23.80 an hour while more experienced welders can make up to $45.45 per hour. That adds up to an annual salary of $45,791 and $87,446 respectively. 

Something to remember is that Edmonton has one of the highest concentrations of rig welders. Rig welders are the highest-paid welders because of how important their jobs are. If you are able to find a job as a rig welder anywhere in Canada, your salary will be considerably higher than the figures listed above.

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Hamilton, Ontario

Overlooking Lake Ontario, Hamilton has so much more to offer than just job opportunities for welders. Aside from its iron and steel industry, Hamilton also houses breathtaking, scenic beauty. In the past few decades, Hamilton has become one of Canada’s leading industrial centres. Known for its iron and steel industry, Hamilton has no shortage of manufacturing and construction-related jobs. As a result, welder jobs are quite popular in and around the Hamilton area. Due to its proximity to Toronto, many welders choose Hamilton as the city they want to start or continue their careers in.

Welder jobs are abundant in Hamilton where they are many construction and jobs. Welders wearing protecting face masks while welding.
Hamilton, Ontario is known for its iron and steel industry and has many welding jobs.

How Much Do Welder Jobs Pay in Hamilton?

The salary figures in Hamilton lie just around the national average for welder jobs in Canada. The median hourly pay for welders in Hamilton is $25, which is the same as an annual salary of $48,100. Welders that are just starting out can expect to be paid $18 an hour or $34,632 annually. More experienced welders can be paid up to $30 an hour or $57,720 annually.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sitting on Canada’s pacific coast, with a beautiful skyline and mountains on the horizon, Vancouver is easily one of Canada’s most beautiful cities. It also is one of Canada’s most expensive. That is why it is risky moving to Vancouver without having a secure job beforehand. While Vancouver offers lots of opportunities for welders in almost every industry, it is a good idea to secure a job in Vancouver first before actually moving there. Living in Vancouver without a job for a long period of time is not practical unless you have a huge amount of savings you can live off of.

If you are able to find a secure welder job in Vancouver, it is a great city to live in. It offers an amazing quality of life, great scenic views and many things to do around the city. Vancouver has a huge manufacturing sector so finding a job as a welder will not be much of a problem.

How Much Do Welder Jobs Pay in Vancouver?

The median hourly pay in Vancouver is $28 per hour or $45,214 annually. Starting welders can expect to earn around $22 an hour, which amounts to $53,872 annually. More experienced welders can make up to $43 per hour or $82,732 every year.

Even though Vancouver is the most expensive city in British Columbia, it is not where welders earn the highest income. Vancouver’s surrounding regions generally offer higher wages to welders willing to work there. This is a good option if you do not want to move to Vancouver without securing a job beforehand.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is a major industrial hub in Canada. The city is also regarded as one of the world’s top three aerospace capitals. Montreal currently hosts the headquarters of Air Canada, Bombardier, and the International Civil Aviation Organization, all of which are big players in the Aerospace Industry. As a result, Montreal has no shortage of jobs related to manufacturing, including welder jobs. Not only is the manufacturing industry in Montreal expanding, but many welders that are currently employed are also expected to retire soon. This will open up many welder jobs in Montreal for newcomers and high school graduates alike.

How Much Do Welder Jobs Pay in Montreal?

Since Montreal is a big city with a large workforce, the median salary offered by welder jobs falls just below the national average. The median pay is $23.50 per hour or $45,214 annually. Starting welders can expect to earn around $17.50 an hour, which amounts to $33,670 annually. However, welder salary increases are usually frequent so new welders don’t stay on their starting salary for too long. More experienced welders can make up to $38 per hour or $73,112 every year.

With lucrative welding jobs available in many cities across Canada, this is a career option worth considering.

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