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Moving to Canada is a rewarding and exciting experience. But, it can come with challenges. One challenge is adapting to the Canadian workplace. Continuing your career in Canada can be difficult, but bridging programs can help you prepare and succeed. The programs help you transfer your international work experience and education to the Canadian workplace. In Ontario, there are more than 30 bridging programs for newcomers in Ontario. Many of the programs come with bursaries of up to $5,000 to help you cover direct education costs, such as tuition and books.

Discover how you can benefit from enrolling in a bridging program!


1. Your job belongs to a regulated occupation

If you work in a regulated profession in Canada, you may need support to complete the credentials assessment and recognition process. A bridging program can help you build on and develop the skills you need to meet Canadian standards for a particular occupation. Find out if your occupation is regulated in Canada here.

2. Bridging programs help you gain Canadian work experience


Employers look for Canadian work experience. Ideally, employers want you to understand how Canadian workplaces operate and display the soft skills you require to succeed. The right program can fill this gap and help you ease your way into the Canadian workforce.


3. You are struggling with language requirements in your trade or profession

Some occupations can use technical language that you might not be familiar with. Bridging programs can help you build your language skills specific to your occupation.

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4. A bridging program can you prepare for licensing exams

You can get the help you need to prepare for exams and certification for your specific occupation.


5. You are missing specific skills to meet the requirements for your occupation

Bridging programs provide training to help you acquire the skills that stand between you and your dream job. After you complete an assessment of your skills, credentials, and experience, you can participate in a program specific to your goals. That alone makes it attractive for the new Canadians.

For more information, tools, resources, and free webinars visit finding a job in Canada. Get the help you need to achieve your career goals in Canada!