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Find Your First Job

The Canadian job market is changing. Use our job finding resources to learn what the changes mean for your job search. Register to make connections you need for your career pathway in Canada.

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Find Your Place to Call Home

We help you research the right landing city,  which is critical for your economic success. Learn about local housing markets and lifestyles and connect with services to simplify settling in your new city.

Find Your Financial Success

You have financial goals and dreams for your new life in Canada. Our free guides and resources will help you get financially established quickly, so you can achieve your goals.

Find a Place to Call Home in Canada

Rentals for Newcomers is your direct route to connecting with landlords who value newcomers as tenants. Register today and get on your way to your first apartment rental in Canada!

We’ve been helping newcomers for over 10 years! Here’s what newcomers have to say about us.

I have been following materials from Prepare for Canada before landing and it has helped me a lot. With the techniques learned from you, I recently got a job with a very reputable company and with decent pay.

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Belinda. R

The online fair was really informative and helpful. It has enabled me to learn more about various organisations across Canada and even let me network related to settling, banking and studying.

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Raj. V

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Our essential webinars provide up-to-date insights and guidance. Connect with subject matter experts and get the answers to your important questions.


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Working in Canada

Working In Canada: A 5-Step Approach

 Our five-step framework provides the tools and information you need to successfully continue your career when you arrive in Canada.

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Eid al-Fitr 2022 Marks the End of Ramadan

Eid al-Fitr 2022 Marks the End of Ramadan

The end of Ramadan, this year, will give way to another Muslim holiday; Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr, commonly referred to as just Eid, is a three-day festival for Muslims that starts immediately after the end of Ramadan. Learn more about how Canadian Muslims are...

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Alberta Health Card | What it Covers & How to Apply

Alberta Health Card | What it Covers & How to Apply

Your Alberta Health card covers many medical services for you and your family. Your Alberta health card is a government-funded service that will cover many basic costs related to your medical needs. Canada has a great health care system that strives to provide free,...

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Mechanical Engineers are Needed in these Canadian Cities

Mechanical Engineers are Needed in these Canadian Cities

As of 2022, mechanical engineering is the second largest engineering occupation in Canada. For mechanical engineers moving to Canada, choosing a city with a high demand for your profession will ultimately help you start your career on the right note. Mechanical...

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Canada’s jobless rate remains good news for newcomers

Canada’s jobless rate remains good news for newcomers

The good news for newcomers to Canada in April's jobless statistics is the fact that employers were looking to fill about  825,000 positions. And finding workers right now is difficult with the unemployment rate at a record low of 5.2 percent.  And even...

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How to Negotiate a Salary | A Guide for Newcomers

How to Negotiate a Salary | A Guide for Newcomers

Know how to approach salary negotiation when applying for jobs in Canada. Salary negotiation is a touchy subject. Most job seekers are still unclear about the best practices for negotiating their salary. As a newcomer to Canada, the subject can be even more...

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Holiday Season Online Shopping Scams Newcomers Can Avoid

Holiday Season Online Shopping Scams Newcomers Can Avoid

It is always a good idea to be careful when shopping online. Scammers can be waiting to trick you out of your money in even the most unexpected of places. This is especially true for the holiday season. November and December see some of the biggest sales volumes every...

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How Much Money Will I Need to Move to Canada?

How Much Money Will I Need to Move to Canada?

Proof of funds is how you show us that you have enough money to settle in Canada. Before you move to Canada, you need to show that you have a minimum amount of settlement funds. You'll require the following funds plus an additional amount...

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Building Credit History in Canada

Building Credit History in Canada

Your healthy Canadian credit score is essential to purchase both small and large ticket items. Learn more about why your credit score is important and how to build and grow your credit worthy score.

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The “Prepare for Canada” program has helped thousands of prospective immigrants to prepare for success in Canada by delivering quality information focusing on job preparedness and settlement first steps.

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If you have applied to come to Canada or have landed already, our Settling In Canada resources are for you.

Our program is available for anyone who has any of the following documents:

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  • Request for medical examination letter
  • Passport request letter
  • Canadian visa
  • IRCC invitation letter to obtain pre-arrival services
  • Invitation to apply for permanent residence
  • Unique Client Identifier