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The Canadian job market is changing. Use our job finding resources to learn what the changes mean for your job search. Register to make connections you need for your career pathway in Canada.

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We help you research the right landing city,  which is critical for your economic success. Learn about local housing markets and lifestyles and connect with services to simplify settling in your new city.

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You have financial goals and dreams for your new life in Canada. Our free guides and resources will help you get financially established quickly, so you can achieve your goals.

Find a Place to Call Home in Canada

Rentals for Newcomers is your direct route to connecting with landlords who value newcomers as tenants. Register today and get on your way to your first apartment rental in Canada!

We’ve been helping newcomers for over 10 years! Here’s what newcomers have to say about us.

I have been following materials from Prepare for Canada before landing and it has helped me a lot. With the techniques learned from you, I recently got a job with a very reputable company and with decent pay.

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Belinda. R

The online fair was really informative and helpful. It has enabled me to learn more about various organisations across Canada and even let me network related to settling, banking and studying.

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Raj. V

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Working In Canada: A 5-Step Approach

This framework will provide the tools and information you need to successfully continue your career when you arrive in Canada.

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Saint Patrick’s Day: When Canada Goes Green

Saint Patrick’s Day: When Canada Goes Green

What is Saint Patrick's Day? Saint Patrick's Day is an annual celebration that takes place every year on March 17. Today, the holiday is known for its parties, excessive use of the colour green, and celebrating anything and everything Irish, including St....

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Is Family Day a Statutory Holiday in Canada?

Is Family Day a Statutory Holiday in Canada?

Parents and children enjoying the Family Day holiday Family Day is a fairly new Canadian holiday. Currently, only Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and New Brunswick recognize it as a statutory holiday. Family Day was first celebrated in...

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A Thriving Job Market Greets Newcomers to Canada

A Thriving Job Market Greets Newcomers to Canada

As more newcomers continue to arrive in Canada looking for work and to start a new life, the economy added an astounding 153,000 jobs to the job market in January. That surprising surge happened despite predictions that higher interest rates would slow job growth....

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Canadian Job Market in 2023 Remains Strong for Newcomers

Canadian Job Market in 2023 Remains Strong for Newcomers

For newcomers arriving in Canada looking for jobs, the good news is that the country's labour market added 104,000 jobs in December. This surprise marks the third decline in the unemployment rate in four months, bringing it closer to the record-low of 4.9 percent...

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5 Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Rates in Canada

5 Tips to Get the Best Mortgage Rates in Canada

When searching for your first home, here are five tips to ensure you get the best mortgage rates in Canada. And, to get the best rates will require you to research so you know how to select a mortgage that's right for you. Many newcomers arrive with savings to own a...

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Do Newcomers Need to File an Income Tax Return?

Do Newcomers Need to File an Income Tax Return?

If you moved to Canada and became a permanent resident in 2022, you will have to file your first income tax return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Even if you only lived in Canada for part of 2022 you will have to file a return if you: want to get benefit and...

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Retirement Savings:  Demystifying RRSPs

Retirement Savings: Demystifying RRSPs

Retirement savings are essential for all Canadians to live comfortably after they retire. And the earlier you start saving, the better. For newcomers, understanding retirement savings options can be confusing. So in this article, I'll demystify the Registered...

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