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How I used LinkedIn to help find work

Using LinkedIn to find work in Canada is quite helpful. Having arrived in Canada as an immigrant recently, I have found that getting a job here can be a challenging experience.  I had to spend some time adapting to the Canadian workplace culture and it was not easy.

Here are some of the things I found to be important when I used LinkedIn to find work in Canada as a newcomer.


You need a professional photo


A professional photo is a very important factor in how you build out your LinkedIn profile. This is not Facebook or Twitter. You should present an image that is professional and reflects the type of business you want to work in.


Use the summary to sell yourself


Much like a resume, you need to be concise and grab the attention of the hiring manager quickly. This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities that are most required in your chosen field.

Remember, many employers see international experience as an asset, not a weakness. Many companies in Canada work globally, so don’t highlight your experience from another country.

If you don’t have any Canadian work experience, you may want to consider gaining experience through volunteer work. Many employers will look at your volunteer experience favourably.


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Make sure you show off!


The mistake a lot of people will make on their LinkedIn page is that they will just copy and paste their resume.  Take advantage of all that the LinkedIn platform has to offer and share examples of your work or past successes.




You need to make sure that there are no errors in your profile when you use LinkedIn to find work in Canada. This can be an instant turnoff for many hiring managers and you will potentially lose out on a job offer through carelessness.

Make sure you double and triple check your profile for any mistakes. 


Update your profile when using LinkedIn to find work


It’s important to update your profile when you use LinkedIn to find work, but you need to be careful. Did you know that when you make a change to your profile, all of your connections are notified of the change via email? This can be great for things like a promotion or if you have earned a new certification.  

However, if you are making housekeeping or minor changes make sure to disable the feature that notifies your network.  You can do this in your profile settings.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to keep positive throughout your job search as a new Canadian.  And consider LinkedIn to help find work as an add on to your robust job search strategy before and after you arrive in Canada.

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