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Before you leave for Canada, there are activities that you can do to prepare for your job search when you arrive. At Prepare for Canada, we can provide tools, resources, and information to help you get ready for your job search! Here are four activities that will help you to get ready to work in Canada.


1. Devote time to your job search

It takes effort to find a great job, so be sure to devote time for important job search activities. You may have to spend time revising your resume to include information that Canadian employers look for. When you know what employers look for, you can tailor your resume so that employers notice your skills and experience. Preparing a well written resume takes time, but it’s worth the effort because it may reduce the time it takes you to find a job. 

You will also have to apply for many jobs. One application will likely not be enough to get the job that you want in Canada. But, by applying for jobs on a frequent and regular basis, you’ll start to get responses from employers. It takes patience and focus to land a job that you are best suited for.


Learn all about how to find a job in Canada


2. Make yourself stand out

This is easier said than done, but there are many great programs that are available to newcomers to help with job search activities to help you stand out. One way that newcomers can stand out is by getting your credentials assessed.  This is helpful because it shows Canadian employers that you have the skills and knowledge to perform a similar job in Canada.  The Government of Canada can provide valuable information that explains how to get your credentials assessed. 

By taking this step, you can get your career in Canada off to a great start even before you arrive.


3. Be responsive and professional

Once you do start to hear back from potential employers, make sure to respond to them as quickly as you can.  This shows your interest and professionalism. Make sure that you put your best foot forward with each point of contact that you have with an employer.  Use formal language and provide any additional information that they may request.

4. Stay positive

You may have heard this tip a lot, but it’s always a good idea to stay positive and not get easily discouraged.  If you don’t hear back from your first few Canadian job applications, then just keep applying until you succeed. When you’re positive, you’ll make a great first impression. A positive attitude combined with a strong skill set, shows Canadian employers that you’re motivated, talented, and eager to start your first job in Canada.

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