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Best cities for construction jobs

To identify the best cities for construction jobs in Canada, you need to know where the major activity is happening. And right across Canada, there are many large-scale construction and infrastructure projects that are underway. Because the construction industry is facing a labour shortage, there will be jobs available in many cities for tradespeople with skills, knowledge, and experience.

To help you identify which cities have the greatest opportunity, we’ll look at important factors to consider, such as:

  • what’s happening in the construction environment
  • what you need to know about the provincial or territorial and regional labour market
  • how the labour market is rated (good, fair, limited)
  • factors that influence the demand for construction workers in each province or territory.

In Canada, there are many large infrastructure projects that are fueling the demand for tradespeople right across the country. However, there are some provinces that are more active than others. As well, there are some trades that are more in demand.

While great construction jobs are available in Canada, the outlook for jobs varies depending on the region, and the trade. Therefore, it’s important to research the construction environment and the labour market. 

Know the construction environment

To help you identify the best cities for construction jobs in Canada, it’s helpful to know what’s happening in the construction environment. For example, it’s important to find out:

  • What major construction projects are planned or are underway in Canada? 
  • Which provinces or territories have strong construction activity?
  • What regions within the province have the strongest activity?
  • What trades are most in-demand in each region?

Know the labour market

While there are many construction projects in Canada, it’s critical to know the labour market conditions for your specific trade. Because labour market conditions may vary across the country. However, with a rapidly ageing workforce expected to retire within the next decade, Canada is facing a labour shortage in the skilled trades. And, the construction industry will look to replace those who are retiring with labour from around the world to meet the demand.

So, if you have the right skills and experience, you’ll likely find great job opportunities in cities right across Canada.

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How to research the best cities for construction jobs in Canada

To find out what the labour market is like for a specific trade in Canada, you can start by looking at the provincial labour market. A useful resource is the Government of Canada’s Labour Market Information (LMI) site. Here you can find important labour market information for many jobs based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

LMI provides provincial and regional labour market conditions by occupation. You can research labour market information for various construction jobs by using either:

  • A job title

The Government of Canada has over 50 NOC codes for construction jobs. So, it’s important to use the four-digit NOC code that best matches your experience.

How the job market is rated

Using a 3-star rating system, you can determine if the job market is:

  • Good ⭐⭐⭐ (the job outlook in the short- to medium-term is better than average in the region compared to other occupations. This is the most favourable situation for job seekers.)
  • Fair ⭐⭐ (the job outlook for the short- to medium-term is comparable to other professions. The demand for labour may be average or greater than average, and the supply of workers is similar to the labour demand.) 
  • Limited ⭐ (the job outlook for the short- to medium-term is below average compared to other professions. This would be a difficult job market for job seekers.)

So when you conduct research, you can use the rating system to:  

 1. Identify what provinces have a good or fair outlook for your trade

2. Learn what regions and cities within the province have a good outlook for your trade.

It’s important to look at labour market conditions for your trade both at the provincial level, and the regional level. When you look at both the provincial and regional outlook, you will get a clear picture of what cities require your skills. For example:

You may find the outlook for a specific trade is fair at the provincial level. However, you may find regions within the province where the outlook is good. So, that means you can narrow your job search to specific regions and cities.

Job outlook for Industrial Mechanic and Millwright (NOC: 7311)

To understand how to use the Labour Market Information (LMI), we’ll look at labour market conditions for an Industrial Mechanic. By clicking on the links, you’ll find important information about the role, and the labour market needs for the role.

Job Description and Summary: Industrial Mechanic and Millwright 

Provincial Labour Market Outlook:  varies (Good, Fair, Limited)

Based on this information, the labour market outlook for an Industrial Mechanic is Good in Ontario, and the Northwest Territories. However, the outlook is Fair in many of the other provinces. But, even where the provincial the outlook is Fair or even Limited for a specific trade, there may be regions within the province that have a Good outlook.

So, it’s important to consider both the provincial or territorial outlook and the regional outlook.

Regional Labour Market Outlook: Ontario

Based on this information, the outlook for Industrial Mechanics is good right across the province. So, an industrial mechanic could explore jobs in many cities across the province such as: 

  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • London
  • Hamilton
  • Stratford
  • Toronto
  •  or, Ottawa 

Industrial mechanic

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Explore job potential by province and region

Using the LMI, you can explore the labour market outlook by province. Based on this information, the labour outlook for an industrial mechanic and millwright is good in Ontario. You can even look explore what specific regions within the province have a good outlook.  

Factors that influence the job outlook for tradespeople in Canada


There are a number of factors that contribute to the number of construction jobs that are available in Canadian cities. These factors can include labour market demand and supply:  

  • The projected employment growth based in the city or region
  • The number of jobs that jobs available due to retirements
  • The number of people with recent trade experience available to work
  • The supply of available and experienced tradespeople to meet the demand.

Construction Labour Market Factors


With a rapidly ageing population in Canada, job vacancies will likely increase as many in the workforce plan to retire over the next decade. So, if you have the skills, knowledge, and experience, you’ll likely be able to secure a job in your trade. Also, if you’re willing to move to where an opportunity exists, you may find it easier to land your dream job.


Key takeaways 

  1. It’s important to know where construction workers are in demand to identify the best cities for construction workers based on: 
  • what major construction projects are planned
  • and, what trades are most in demand.

2. You can search for information about labour needs for your trade by using the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.

3. The Government of Canada provides important labour market information that will help you to understand labour market conditions for your specific trade. And, this is a great starting point to find out what provinces have a good or fair job outlook for your specific trade.

4. Where the provincial outlook is good or fair, you can conduct further research to identify the best regions and cities for your trade. Remember, it’s important to consider the job outlook at both the provincial or territorial and regional level. You can even check out our Rentals for Newcomers site to help you find housing across Canada.

Overall, If you have the talent, skills, and smarts, you’ll likely find a number of cities to find construction jobs in Canada. With the right experience, Canada’s construction industry may be just the opportunity you’re searching for!

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