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The associations listed below provide additional information about the sales and marketing profession in Canada and offer a variety of professional development, education and networking opportunities.


Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)
The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is the only marketing association in Canada that embraces Canada’s major business sectors and all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies. Its programs help shape the future of marketing in Canada by building talented marketers and exceptional business leaders and by demonstrating marketing’s strategic role as a key driver of business success.

Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA)
The Canadian Internet Marketing Association (CIMA) was formed by a group of Internet marketing professionals in Montreal and was officially launched in 2011. CIMA covers a number of web marketing avenues, including the following areas of note: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Search, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and others.

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Immigrant networks

Professional immigrant networks are organized, volunteer-run member-based associations or networks created by and for immigrant professionals that seek to:

  • create a forum to contribute to and enrich their respective communities; and
  • provide opportunities for their members to find meaningful employment and achieve their professional goals.

Activities of networks include networking events, mentoring, information sessions, professional development opportunities such as workshops, speaker events and training and connections to employment opportunities.

Nova Scotia
isans: Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia
isans helps newcomer professionals with their full economic and social integration in the province of Nova Scotia.

CAMP Networking
CAMP (Communications, Advertising and Marketing Professionals) organizes monthly meetings and events where members build on the intellectual and social capital that can help them get ahead in Canada. CAMP provides a forum for members to network and support each other, explore career leads, share experiences, pick up tips from industry leaders, volunteer their skills and time and make a difference to a cause they support.