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Sales and marketing is a non-regulated profession in Canada and you don’t need a licence to practice your profession. The industry is currently booming in Canada and new companies are coming up all the time.

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is the only marketing association in Canada that embraces Canada’s major business sectors and all marketing disciplines, channels and technologies.


It is important for you to have a general overview of how your international qualifications may be viewed in Canada and have a general sense of the Canadian labour market and workplace culture.

Before you immigrate

There are steps that you can take before you immigrate to improve your chances of practicing your profession in Canada.

  • Research and plan your move to Canada at least three months before your arrival. You might even get a job before you arrive, if you plan well.
  • Contact the appropriate professional associations in Canada such as the Canadian Marketing Association and the Canadian Internet Marketing Association. If you are settling in the Greater Toronto Area, you can also contact CAMP Networking. This is a professional immigrant association for new and established immigrants with a background in communications, advertising or marketing who meet regularly to share knowledge and experience. Being part of a similar group can give you valuable leads and connect you to successful members and employers.
  • Work on improving your English or French (depending on your destination province); you may be required to prove your language competency. Even if you speak fluent English or French, it’s helpful to improve your language skills. Enroll in language classes while you are in your home country and continue them after you move to Canada.
  • It is easier for you to gather and organize your official education, work and identity documents while still in your home country. You may need these papers for employment purposes, or if you are planning to pursue further education in Canada.
  • Know the name of your job in Canada and make a list of potential employers.
  • LinkedIn is a very powerful tool. Search for sales or marketing related groups on this professional social networking site and become a member of the ones you think are very relevant so that you get a feel of what is happening in North America in regards to your industry. Also, get recommendations from your LinkedIn contacts.
  • Bring a portfolio of your projects, documents, reference letters, testimonials and recommendations. If you have won awards, make sure that you show them off. It might not be accepted in your home country, but in North America you need to speak about your awards and achievements.
  • Find out how to get a driver’s license in Canada and apply for as soon as you arrive. It will be useful when you get a job, or even to search for a job.

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