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Population of Sudbury

Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario with a population of 161,531. It is the 24th largest metropolitan area in Canada. The City of Greater Sudbury is located in Northeastern Ontario. It is 390 kilometers north of Toronto and 483 kilometres west of Ottawa. It features plenty of open space, freshwater lakes, pristine forests and woodlands, recreational facilities and real estate opportunities.

The city is also one of the largest municipalities, by area, in Canada with a low population density of 49.3 people per square kilometre. As such, it offers a unique Northern lifestyle and a superb quality of life like no other. The population resides in an urban core along with many smaller communities located among 300 lakes.

The city is also a regional centre for Northeastern Ontario related to:

  • financial and business services
  • tourism
  • health care and research
  • education and government.

At the heart of this vibrant city are the people of Sudbury, who welcome people from all around the world. It’s a city that is recognized for friendliness, hospitality, and community spirit.  Approximately 38% of people identify as knowing both official languages (French and English). Italian, Finnish, German, Ukrainian and Polish are the top five non official languages spoken in the City.

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For more information about Sudbury, visit the municipal immigration portal.


A welcoming and increasingly diverse community, Greater Sudbury strives to be recognized as one of the smartest, greenest and more sustainable cities in the world. Since the discovery of rich mineral deposits in the late 1800s, the economy in the Greater Sudbury area has followed the boom and bust cycles of the mining industry. But over the years, the local economy has diversified and is now a service hub for the Northeastern region of Ontario.

Today the City of Greater Sudbury is a regional shopping destination, serving a catchment area that extends across Northeastern Ontario. Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of the local economy, with close to 9,000 small and medium-sized businesses operating within the city. As well, Sudbury is home to the Northern Ontario Film Studios that features a 20,000 square foot main stage with everything to service film production needs.

Sudbury has been the fastest-growing market in Canada for film and television. The hope is to continue growing this industry here, and in order to do that we have to get producers locating to Sudbury so our local film producers and crews can continue to grow and learn. We want to keep this industry alive and there truly is top quality service being provided here in Sudbury.

– Paul Bronfman, William F. White International

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See here for more information about doing business in Sudbury.

Sudbury selected to participate in a new immigration pilot program

Greater Sudbury has been selected as one of 11 northern communities to participate in the federal government’s new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot. This pilot program will help Sudbury to welcome immigrants who will develop the local labour market and economy. The program will begin in 2020 and run for three years, with the possibility of being extended for five years.


Sudbury has a humid continental climate with warm and often hot summers and long, cold, snowy winters — you can expect snow on the ground for six months of the year.The average high temperature in January is −8.4 °C, by May it’s 17.2 °C and July it’s 24.8.

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Settlement Services in Sudbury

YMCA of Sudbury

Sudbury Multicultural and Folk Arts Association

Collègé Boréal

Public Transit

The Greater Sudbury Transit public transportation system relies on a bus system.  For maps, routes and schedules, visit the website.

Places of Worship

Sudbury thrives on being a multicultural society and has many places where individuals can celebrate their faith. While the majority of residents follow Christianity, others religious practices include Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and other religions.

Finding a Home

There are plenty of home options in Sudbury, in a variety of areas including: Downtown; New Sudbury; South End, West End, Minnow Lake, Capreol, Nickel Centre, Rayside-Balfour, Valley East and Walden. Each area has its own unique history.

As of July 2017, average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the Greater Sudbury Area is $1,012. The average price of homes sold in June 2019 was $283,614, inching up a slight 0.3% from June 2018. (Sudbury Real Estate Board).

Given the average home sale price, you could probably get a mortgage for about close to the average rent with a decent down payment. This makes home ownership very realistic.

Medical Services

The medical sector has seen tremendous growth in Sudbury, and it is now a regional resource and referral centre for residents in Northeastern Ontario. It provides quality hospital-based care to patients throughout the region and a number of initiatives in the community demonstrate the city’s commitment to a healthy population.

According to a recent CBC article, there are slightly more than 115 family physicians in Greater Sudbury, and is the ideal number to meet the needs of the population.

As other residents in the Province of Ontario, Sudbury residents must obtain a health card to show that they are entitled to medical care provided by the Ontario Health and Insurance Plan (OHIP).

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for many health services you may need. Click here to learn how to apply for OHIP and get a health card.


In Greater Sudbury, there are a number of options for education at elementary and secondary levels and beyond. As throughout Canada, pursuing education and lifelong learning is highly valued in Sudbury.

Sudbury is home to Canada’s first new medical school in three decades, a nationally renowned bilingual university, and two world class colleges.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Laurentian University

Cambrian College

Collège Boréal

The region offers quality education from kindergarten to Grade 12 in both official languages, and in French immersion.


The variety of our seasons enables Sudburians to enjoy a wide range of events, festivals and recreational activities that change as the seasons do. Greater Sudbury has many facilities, fitness programs, arts and crafts, sport programs, computer learning opportunities, sports associations and local sporting news.

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The city is also known for its open space, freshwater lakes, pristine forests and woodlands, parks and recreational facilities. Surrounded by the Boreal Forest, Greater Sudbury contains 330 freshwater lakes within its municipal boundaries and has more lakes than any other municipality in Canada.

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Ramsey Lake provides public access within walking distance from the downtown core, while many provincial parks are within short driving distance of the city. This provides a great opportunity for a healthy work-life balance.

Social Scene and Entertainment

The city also offers a number of diverse restaurants and cuisines, along with bar options, music, dancing and live entertainment. Be sure to check out the Northern Lights Folk Festival, Canada’s longest, continually running outdoor music festival.

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