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Education in Toronto is mandatory and every child between the ages of five and 16 is required to attend school.

The public and separate schools run on the same parameters with the school age of a child being defined by the year the child was born.

Although the age difference of a student may differ by almost a year if one is born in January versus a student born in December the child is considered the same age if the calendar year is the same.  

As most other Canadian cities there are both public and private schools providing academic learning opportunities for Toronto residents.

Students can attend schools in either board depending on which one their parents or guardians choose to support with their tax dollars.

Ask at schools in your neighbourhood or contact the local school board for guidance.

Toronto District School Board

Toronto Catholic District School Board

Toronto has also an impressive range of post-secondary educational facilities which include three universities and five colleges offering training in virtually every profession and skill.

Toronto is a Canadian leader in number of post-secondary schools and graduates with more than 15,000 medical/ biotech researchers, two top-ranked MBA schools as well as excellent programs in engineering, computer sciences and multi-media.

To find a college or a university in Toronto, visit

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