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What can I do to get ready for Canada

What can I do to get ready for Canada

I have my visa for Canada, Now what? First of all, some congratulations are in order.  You have your visa to Canada!  You still have a lot to do as the question you need to ask yourself now is, what can I do to get ready for Canada? The first things you need to do to...

The top 7 Toronto neighbourhoods in 2018

If you’re thinking about moving to Toronto, you should make sure that you’re moving to the right are to suit your needs. Take a look below to see what each of these great Toronto neighbourhoods can off you. Yonge and Eglinton This area is known as midtown...

Most popular Vancouver neighborhoods

Looking for the perfect place to live? Trying to find a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and needs for a rental? Look no further than Vancouver, Canada! Whether you seek a rental that is close in proximity to your work, or are looking to live in a neighborhood...